Monday, 22 April 2013

Tidy, dry ... and we almost have a floor!

Glorious day,  -  with a temporary door fitted to the cottage, it's now secure & dry,  it was great to see the sun pouring through the open door - lets hope the nice weather is here to stay....?

The floor has been insulated, and this morning the underfloor heating materials were delivered, - I was passing the cottage and saw Paul's van outside so stopped off & helped him take in the boxes.  This gave me another opportunity to turn into "blog woman" again and the camera came out .....



The upstairs is out of bounds for me at the moment, until the stairs (or a ladder) arrives which can't happen fast enough for me!  I need to get Trude over to measure up for the bedroom curtains !!

At the moment,  - all I can do is stand beneath the floorboards and peer through...

The bedroom ceiling through the floorboards!

It's becoming a lot easier now to imagine where everything is going to go, - I stood in the kitchen, although the window is low - you still can get an impressive view of the Silk Mill ....


Will be keeping you updated of course!


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