Thursday, 30 October 2014

Pumpkins and Postmen .....

With Halloween tomorrow,  and Drinkwaters shop 'a plenty with pumpkins!  I grasped the opportunity to update my blog :-)  ...... its been a while

I was going to add a photo of their lovely window display - an array of pumpkins carved to spell out "Drinkwaters" !  - on close inspection of the photo I was excited to see an apparition behind the glass, however, soon realised I'd captured my reflection - phone in one hand, and one of their giant pumpkins from inside the shop firmly gripped beside me -  "with his head tucked underneath his arm ..." as the song says!

My Pumpkin!

... Oh how I love this time of year!   the B&B is becoming much calmer - with just the odd (numerical not personal!) one or two guests hoping for a little autumn/winter respite taking walks and kicking copper coloured leaves around which are everywhere!  ... and also I am actually ahead of myself this year surprisingly, as the Christmas Cake was made the other day - an annual ritual shared with my daughter Steph and a friend of mine, Pino Grigio!

This week has also been "half term" and no surprise that both cottages were booked for the week which has been great.  Thank goodness things seem to be going well, and all our guests have been lovely people all appearing to fall in love totally with Chipping Campden and the Cotswolds!

... and who can blame them ?!

I called into Crafty Cottage this morning to check on things once our guests had left for the ferry back to Ireland, - the sun was beaming down it has been such a lovely day today.  With the bins emptied, & a little "pottering about" here and there - it was nice to bump into Arthur the postman, who was happy to pose for a photo !

I have yet to ask if he'd be Mr. October
on the Crafty Cottage Calendar ?!
Crafty Cottage Garden
is looking good too!


Still sticking to the Arts & Crafts "White Garden" theme
the garden is maturing at a fast pace. 
and with the October weather having been fairly mild *(31.10.14 = 22!)
it has still been a lovely little space for guests to enjoy in the heart of town.

...  and now it's the 31st - Halloween, and breakfast time!
Today I shared a "Builders Breakfast" with Paul and we went to a familiar haunt of his,
less than a 5 minute walk away from Crafty Cottage & Number Six.



... surrounded by giant spiders, cobwebs & ghoulish skeletons
it was a great fun atmosphere, .... and the coffee was great too!

Particularly liked their Terms
which were hanging on the wall!

 and finally,
the finished product!

"Happy Halloween!"
I will of course (with the help of Arthur)
be keeping you posted!