Saturday, 4 May 2013

Totally floored ...!

The weather spent most of today deciding just what to do, and we seemed to pick the right time to walk down in to town with some old friends who were visiting us with their lovely Labrador "Dexter", we wandered down the High Street to show them the cottage.

The underfloor heating is now in place, with the flooring firm underfoot - it was good to see the rooms beginning to take shape - although Dexter was far more interested in what was going on outside!

Paul gave a demonstration of "whats going where" - the stairs have now been ordered  and until they arrive and put in place - upstairs appears to be very much off limit unless there's a ladder around.

Things were happening outside the site today, as volunteers were clearing the river bed (Cam River) which runs alongside the cottage and underneath the Old Silk Mill.  We stopped for a while and chatted to the guys who had spent most of the morning dredging the river bed to help the water flow under the bridge.

The sky was beginning to look stormy, and we were on the verge of popping into the Old Silk Mill for a coffee to shelter from a shower which looked as though it was heading our way, - but luckily we seemed to escape and the dry weather held out, conveniently giving us enough time to head back down the High Street and make it back to The Eight Bells for a quick pint or two on the way home!

Corbs (Paul Corbett)  has been a friend of ours for the past 30 odd years, 
- having worked with Paul many moons ago when they were both young free and single !! .
He had a particular interest in the Real Ales at the Eight Bells as he works in the Hops industry supplying many of the Real Ale producers in the area

We now have the stairs ordered,
Rob's coming around tonight to talk "shabby sheeking "!
I have accumulated a collection of curtain poles for the cottage and we are now starting to plan the kitchen.
The process is in place for lowering the kerb to enable parking access 
.... and we need to sort out a Cotswold Stone fireplace.
...... most things now on track,  ............... will be keeping you posted as usual :-) 

-  S -

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