Friday, 16 May 2014

"No.6" the big reveal !!

"Crafty Cottage" and "No.6" now stand side by side as our Cotswold holiday cottages in Chipping Campden, just off the High Street, directly infront of The Old Silk Mill, both with off road parking, wifi, and everything we imagine visitors to the town would need, - including only being a few steps away to the nearest Pub for that all important Pint !
Finally, after weeks of drilling, sanding, painting, cleaning, gardening ....... and sleeping! (the latter 'ing much preferred!) we are able to add photos of our new holiday cottage "No.6" to the blog:


We still have some "tweaking" to do - particularly with the paintwork - my fault entirely as I was in charge of the magnolia roller, and I do have the habit of painting half the ceiling when i'm only supposed to do the walls!   ... (and half the walls when i'm doing the ceiling! :-)  In the meantime - we decided to stick with what we know best & have used William Morris Strawberry Thief fabric for the soft furnishing side of things - which looks great! (Thanks Trude - big hug :-)

Despite being over 100 years old (the cottage - not Trude!),  "No.6" has perhaps a slightly more contemporary feel to the ground floor particularly, and with a little more space to play with, we are on the look out for a decent armchair, & perhaps another side table or two so I feel another trip to Barn Antiques coming on in the not too distant future !

The lovely pine dresser had belonged to Paul's mum Daisy, - and it's nice to see it decorating the wall in such a useful way - each time I glance at it - I must admit I think of her :-) x 

The spacious lounge leads towards the kitchen at the rear of the cottage, - in much the same way as with Crafty Cottage next door, although I am wondering whether anyone will be taking full advantage of such a lovely range cooker when Chipping Campden has so many wonderful restaurants!  - and people will be on holiday afterall ........ they won't want to cook will they? ?!  (that's my way of hinting, I don't fancy cleaning an oven that size  very often, - thank you very much !!)
And upstairs,  - "No.6" currently has 2 bedrooms and a bathroom.  The first bedroom has a double bed & looks lovely and cosy (as a Cotswold cottage should be!) :-)

The second bedroom has a King Size bed, which can be split to twin beds when necessary ...

The bathroom is off the landing to the rear and has a lovely view from the window over neighbouring cottage rooftops & gardens, with the Old Silk Mill standing proudly over the terrace, where the guildsmen first lived when they came to Chipping Campden in 1902.   "No.6"  was the first home of Mr. & Mrs Osborn and their three sons.  Mr. Osborn was originally an ivory worker - although following the decline of the ivory trade was given work in the silversmith's shop at The Guild.

With the sun pouring through the windows, on a day like today it's easy to see how either of the cottages are going to be such lovely places for people to stay when they visit Chipping Campden!  -  ...... looking forward to the next chapter of the Crafty Cottages book ! and now I have put  the magnolia roller down for the final time, I will be able to keep you updated with more regular blogs !!