Saturday, 30 November 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

At last ....  something to Blog about!   ... yes December's here and most people in Chipping Campden are starting to talk about Christmas.  It's great to see the wreaths appearing on the High Street, - whether for sale in the florists and greengrocers, - or decorating the doors of the beautiful cotswold houses and cottages in town.

There was an obvious "nip" in the air as I parked up at the cottage recently and walked up the High Street.  I couldn't help but get my trusty camera out,  it was reasonably quiet and I felt as though I was the only tourist in town !!

My task for the day is to gain inspiration and to choose what kind of wreath to decorate the door of Crafty Cottage.  -  I love the heart wreath at the Bay Tree, although not particularly "Christmassy" as it is adorned with dried geraniums -  it's heart shape would fit in perfectly at the cottage.  Infact there are so many hearts decorating Crafty Cottage - it could be described as "Hearts and Crafts"  !

Drinkwaters on the High Street,
a great place for fresh fruit and veg, (note the lovely sprouts!)
pickles & jams 

their wreaths look great too !!
(Drinkwaters is literally a 2 minute walk away from Crafty Cottage)

One of the door decorations on the High Street today.


Whilst walking through town it was nice to see the Market Hall being used for what it was made for!,....  
a guy seems to appear regularly these days filling the Hall with wicker baskets, mats and rugs etc...  

Behind the Market Hall, I noticed that our favourite restaurant Michaels (Mediterranean Cuisine) have changed their window display from a recent Halloween theme, to this year's Christmas White and very "glittery" Festive display which looks lovely, - but I can't help but think it would look a lot nicer from the inside, with a nice portion of  Meze for company!

.... and so the hunt continues for wreath inspiration!

The Christmas Wreath situation seems to have suddenly arrived in Chipping Campden BIG TIME! and I am surrounded!  -  all look lovely it is so difficult to decide on a style for the cottage,  ... infact I am beginning to wonder whether a "sprout wreath" might look quite good ?!

In the end I decided to opt for a quick visit back to Drinkwaters for a jar of Lemon Curd which is always very popular with my B&B guests!  .... and hot foot it back to the car.  Once at home, I started to design my own wreath for Crafty Cottage.  After all,  I am promoting the local Arts and Crafts of the town - what's stopping me having a go!

.......with the Crafty Cottage wreath imminent,
and the "Chipping Campden Enchanted Christmas" event due next weekend,
it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I will of course ....

be keeping you posted in time for Christmas!


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Friday, 8 November 2013

Shutter up and drink coffee !

After a long wait, the shutters were finally delivered this week and the "make do" Venetian blinds were unceremoniously taken down to make way for perhaps one of the last things on our list to do before we can look back at Crafty Cottage - sigh and whisper - "OK - finished now!"


Loving the end result!


Once the table and chairs were back in place, the room looked complete again, 

That was Tuesday, - and today was Campden Market day in the Town Hall,
Judith (soap woman extraordinaire) met me for coffee afterwards - it was pouring with rain - a very miserable day infact - but this didn't deter us in our mission for sourcing good strong coffee & cake :-) ... well, what else can you do on a day like today ?!

 Campden Coffee Company in the Old Silk Mill hit the spot! 

With two huge buckets of lovely (award winning!) coffee 
a slice of "chocolate fridge cake" and an extra large portion of carrot cake!  ....  yum yum :-)


The view from the coffee shop window was actually the back of Crafty Cottage !

With guests staying there at the moment,  - Judith had to be content with the promise of an inside tour of the cottage next week (bookings permitting of course!)  in the meantime we discussed soap again and as we said goodbye to one another beside her lavender smelling car on the High Street, - I had acquired lovely Almond, orange and Calendula soaps, and Rose soap medallions  -  it just has to be done :-)

With life returning to normal (relatively!) and Crafty Cottage settling into a routine of enquiries & general interest - autumn/winter definitely appears to have arrived in Chipping Campden over the past few days.

Hoping to add a little more to the garden despite the time of year ......
......  will of course be keeping you posted