Friday, 12 April 2013

"TA DAR ...!"

Scaffolding was taken down this morning, ... and "Ta Dar!" Crafty Cottage appeared in Sheep Street,  like a giant butterfly from a chrysalis !!

Crafty Cottage with The Old Silk Mill
I called in to see Paul, who was fitting the glass to the upstairs windows, - in between meetings he had during the day!  Compared to the past couple of months the site looked quite tidy - although very messy underfoot with sandy muddy puddles everywhere.  (If you're wondering what the small stone construction is to the left of the cottage, it's just a temporary cover for the electrics!) - ....  Thankfully, we had the TV ariel & guttering fitted before the scaffold disappeared - which will save a lot of hassle.  We are so pleased with the way the Cottage blends in with the rest of the terrace .....

Hoping things will start happening on the inside now, - the next step being the flooring which is scheduled for next week.

My side of things? ...  still collecting bits and pieces  - the latter purchase being an Arts & Crafts Oak dressing table & stool  - our lounge at home is beginning to look like the stock room at the local auction house :-) !

Last but not least ......  our way of saying ......
"EAT   AT   JOELS" !!!

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