Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Do you dig this ... ?!

Lovely sunny day today - after sharing a coffee at the breakfast table with a very friendly couple staying with me at home for B&B (hello Paul and Patti if you're reading this :-) !!)  drove up to Stow on the Wold for a quick "mooch" around the shops, called into Tescos - and then back to Campden.  Driving down Sheep Street saw a parking space near to the cottage so pulled in to see how things were going....

Paul, Max & Tom have had to move onto another job at the moment, - so just the two guys around the back of  the cottage today digging the trench for gas supply.  I was impressed how Terry had even chosen to wear a matching fleece and cap to the duct pipe !!

Nothing else much to report today, - the site is looking quite tidy after a major clean up over the past few days - once the digging is done, - I suppose things will start happening inside again hopefully.....

will of course, be keeping you posted !

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