Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Chim chim in eeeeeeeeee .....

Our chimney pot !

Stonework almost complete, - and chimney now built, - the pot is patiently waiting to soon be placed like a crown on top of the cottage!

Paul spent some time at home this morning ordering things for the log burner, - and hopefully the flue will be delivered before the weekend, and lowered down inside to the fireplace, before the scaffolding is removed.

.... can't wait for the scaffolding to disappear, - it will be great to see Crafty Cottage emerge and see it for the first time :-)

I called into the site late afternoon today with my good friend Denise, - to give her an update on how things were going,  - she hadn't seen it for a while - and it was good fun to step inside and explain everything.
.... perhaps the next time she calls around, we might be able to put the kettle on !?

The chimney stack

Current view of cottage, .....

Still getting ideas for anything 'querky' to furnish the cottage,  we drove out of Campden to find Rob, who 
has "distressed" or "shabby chic'd" things for me in the past!


Loads of lovely stuff to look at,  but not exactly sure what I need !
I'm hoping Rob will be able to help us out with some items for the cottage when I make my mind up!


Hoping that the next blog post will be the scaffolding coming down

.. will keep you posted :-)


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