Monday, 22 April 2013

Tidy, dry ... and we almost have a floor!

Glorious day,  -  with a temporary door fitted to the cottage, it's now secure & dry,  it was great to see the sun pouring through the open door - lets hope the nice weather is here to stay....?

The floor has been insulated, and this morning the underfloor heating materials were delivered, - I was passing the cottage and saw Paul's van outside so stopped off & helped him take in the boxes.  This gave me another opportunity to turn into "blog woman" again and the camera came out .....



The upstairs is out of bounds for me at the moment, until the stairs (or a ladder) arrives which can't happen fast enough for me!  I need to get Trude over to measure up for the bedroom curtains !!

At the moment,  - all I can do is stand beneath the floorboards and peer through...

The bedroom ceiling through the floorboards!

It's becoming a lot easier now to imagine where everything is going to go, - I stood in the kitchen, although the window is low - you still can get an impressive view of the Silk Mill ....


Will be keeping you updated of course!


Friday, 19 April 2013

Photo update ....

****  help!  this post has somehow risen to the top of my blog during me editing things!  - I am still pretty useless at understanding what I am doing :-)  ...  I hope date order gets back to normal after the next new post which I'm hoping to add after the weekend. 

in the meantime *** sometime in February .....
Called in at the site yesterday morning, another layer of scaffolding has gone up and work continuing well.  The weather's good for a few days the guys are making the most of it.  - Nothing much to report, just adding a few photos ......

Roof trusses due to be delivered on Thursday - (so is rain!)
So will keep you posted :-)

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Do you dig this ... ?!

Lovely sunny day today - after sharing a coffee at the breakfast table with a very friendly couple staying with me at home for B&B (hello Paul and Patti if you're reading this :-) !!)  drove up to Stow on the Wold for a quick "mooch" around the shops, called into Tescos - and then back to Campden.  Driving down Sheep Street saw a parking space near to the cottage so pulled in to see how things were going....

Paul, Max & Tom have had to move onto another job at the moment, - so just the two guys around the back of  the cottage today digging the trench for gas supply.  I was impressed how Terry had even chosen to wear a matching fleece and cap to the duct pipe !!

Nothing else much to report today, - the site is looking quite tidy after a major clean up over the past few days - once the digging is done, - I suppose things will start happening inside again hopefully.....

will of course, be keeping you posted !

Friday, 12 April 2013

"TA DAR ...!"

Scaffolding was taken down this morning, ... and "Ta Dar!" Crafty Cottage appeared in Sheep Street,  like a giant butterfly from a chrysalis !!

Crafty Cottage with The Old Silk Mill
I called in to see Paul, who was fitting the glass to the upstairs windows, - in between meetings he had during the day!  Compared to the past couple of months the site looked quite tidy - although very messy underfoot with sandy muddy puddles everywhere.  (If you're wondering what the small stone construction is to the left of the cottage, it's just a temporary cover for the electrics!) - ....  Thankfully, we had the TV ariel & guttering fitted before the scaffold disappeared - which will save a lot of hassle.  We are so pleased with the way the Cottage blends in with the rest of the terrace .....

Hoping things will start happening on the inside now, - the next step being the flooring which is scheduled for next week.

My side of things? ...  still collecting bits and pieces  - the latter purchase being an Arts & Crafts Oak dressing table & stool  - our lounge at home is beginning to look like the stock room at the local auction house :-) !

Last but not least ......  our way of saying ......
"EAT   AT   JOELS" !!!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Chim chim in eeeeeeeeee .....

Our chimney pot !

Stonework almost complete, - and chimney now built, - the pot is patiently waiting to soon be placed like a crown on top of the cottage!

Paul spent some time at home this morning ordering things for the log burner, - and hopefully the flue will be delivered before the weekend, and lowered down inside to the fireplace, before the scaffolding is removed.

.... can't wait for the scaffolding to disappear, - it will be great to see Crafty Cottage emerge and see it for the first time :-)

I called into the site late afternoon today with my good friend Denise, - to give her an update on how things were going,  - she hadn't seen it for a while - and it was good fun to step inside and explain everything.
.... perhaps the next time she calls around, we might be able to put the kettle on !?

The chimney stack

Current view of cottage, .....

Still getting ideas for anything 'querky' to furnish the cottage,  we drove out of Campden to find Rob, who 
has "distressed" or "shabby chic'd" things for me in the past!


Loads of lovely stuff to look at,  but not exactly sure what I need !
I'm hoping Rob will be able to help us out with some items for the cottage when I make my mind up!


Hoping that the next blog post will be the scaffolding coming down

.. will keep you posted :-)