Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The January Garden

With the end of January already in sight, things in Chipping Campden are getting back into some kind of Cotswold normality after Christmas and the start of the New Year.

Calling into Crafty Cottage this morning things were calm on Sheep Street,  it was cold but sunny - a lovely morning and the river Cam was babbling away beside the garden emerging from underneath the Old Silk Mill towards and under the little bridge.

With things almost complete with the cottage, it's now time to start thinking about the garden.  Despite the winter months, the very young Crafty Cottage garden has been displaying flowers throughout,  -  it's baskets and borders are planted with Box Hedge, Ivy & tiny white violas which have thankfully all survived the December winds, torrential rain during early January and the current colder air and frosts.

4 wicker baskets decorate the iron railings above the River Cam

The Garden at Crafty Cottage sits behind the parking area for guests.  It is a very young garden, in fact so young, not yet a toddler,  - more of a babe in arms! Created in front of the Old Silk Mill which is an imposing building, straddling the river which borders the left side of the garden,  with the path and Crafty Cottage itself to the right side.

Garden Gate / Crafty Cottage front door
Snowflake clematis to trail over archway

The Garden Gate was hand made by 'Nick the Carpenter!' it's design is our take on the Arts and Crafts, and was inspired by a neighbouring gate of a much earlier origin, to another cottage beside the Silk Mill.  Already the winter hardy clemantis is sprouting buds and leaning in the right direction to climb the wooden archway over the gate.


Today,  I planted the first snowdrops in the garden in keeping with the 'white flowers only' theme and of a particular relevance for me.  Such a beautiful delicate winter flower - Galanthus nivalis

......  will keep you planted, I mean posted!

- S -