Saturday, 30 March 2013

Back on track .....

I'm not going to dwell on the weather of this last week, but if I see another snowflake I will scream !!

Things are back on track now, - although it's Easter weekend and all everyone really wants to do is stay at home and eat chocolate.

Despite being a self confessed chocoholic Paul has been on site yesterday, and this morning too - placing the glass into a couple of the window frames  -  I've just popped along, to see how things were going.
It's looking good, - it's surprising the difference it makes standing in a room with real windows !!

Saw something strange and unfamiliar .......  then realised it was the sun !  yes quite a nice day today, and Chipping Campden is the busiest I have seen it in a long time.  Is this the start of the tourist season maybe ???? - better make the most of it, and start marketing the cottage !!

It didn't take me long to dart back home and knock up some posters to stick on to the new glass in the windows to grab people's attention and hopefully gain some interest in the cottage.   - directing anyone and everyone to our website, although its still very basic - at least it points people in the direction of this blog :-)

Really "chuffed" with my marketing strategy 
 - as I was sticking the posters on to the window, some passers by stopped to read them :-) !!!

Today gave me the opportunity to get more of a feel of the place,
I can now imagine where to put furniture, and lighting .....  can't wait to get started :-)

I have been collecting a whole hoard of stuff at home - mainly kitchen things, 
but have recently added a lovely comfy armchair  which I imagine beside the log burner in the cottage,
although at the moment it is in the corner of our lounge at home - and Paul has sat in it every night this week ??!  - so we'll have to see whether it makes it to Crafty Cottage or not!!

Action shot of Paul with insulation !

Went in search of 2 coffees - which I found at 

such a great welcoming place, - just a stones throw from Crafty Cottage,
despite being a "local" I can't believe I've never been in there before !!
I only bought 2 coffees "to go!"
but could have easily been persuaded to sit down and have a panini and tuck into the lovely bowl of olives which were looking up at me screaming "eat me ... eat me!"

This was the first time I had been along since the roof had been put on,
This is the kitchen in all its glory
... I left Paul adding the glass.

Work continues Tuesday, after the Bank Holiday.
.... will keep you posted :-)


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