Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Almost "in the dry" !

1.45pm and just arrived home from visiting the site, - after wanting to leave things for a few days so I could see the roof for the first time in all its glory - and savour the moment!

Had to persuade Paul and Max to pose at the top of the ladder for my "blog" photos, - their reward to be a warm chicken and leek pastie ... yum yum !

The weather today has been almost "spring like" !  such a change from the past couple of days - but the sky did look a bit grey,  ...  as though it had something in store for us shortly!

I was helped up the ladder, - the very long ladder! which when you're not used to it like me
- did seem a bit shakey ... or was that my nerves shaking! it's difficult not to want to stop on each rung and look at the amazing views of the surrounding rooftops,  but I had to concentrate for my life :-)
Everyone else zaps up there like lightening,  - and there's me feeling so pathetic and girly !

Once on the scaffolding, the confidence returned and out came the camera once more !
Roof to the front - waiting for tiles

The "upstairs" taken from above !

The shape of the bedroom,
ceiling height will be 10.5 ft  !
.... i'm thinking nice big chandelier :-)

Current street view

I stood beside the van chatting with the guys inside, eating their pasties!

... then it started to snow!

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