Friday, 8 March 2013

Rain ..... Rain ..... go away !

OK,  -   the roof trusses have arrived !  .....  that's the good news :-)   The bad news is weather stopped play :-(       ....  woke to a very miserable foggy morning, which just continued to get worse as the day went on ...    It's so frustrating!  ....  I just want the roof on and the walls plastered so I can get to do my bit and make it look as good on the inside as it will on the outside.

Went down at around 10am with sausage sandwiches for Max and Paul who were grabbing a quick coffee in the "lounge" !  .... pointless to do much on site today, - it's so muddy & wet - hopefully the trusses can be put in place on Monday - although "wintery showers" and cold temperatures are forecast to return again - looks like the winter's not over just yet!

Took a few photos, - hopefully more to add next week ....
action shot of Paul eating sausage sandwich!

view from the front door onto the garden!
The site in all its glory!

Back to keep you posted next week,
(hopefully of the roof, - and won't be showing any more "snow" photos!)


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