Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Craft Cottage is appearing !

Busy day today,  - foggy... cold morning,  - sunny afternoon but "absolutely freeeeeeeeezing" !!

Called back in on the site on the way home from a shopping trip, - lucky enough to park right infront of the cottage, - and I could see instantly how things were "shooting up" through the scaffold and towards the stars :-)

Things were looking good, and the guys were working hard despite the biting temperatures, - impressive!  but not as impressive as Terry's mohican woolly hat!

For the first time, I was able to walk through the front door and go up the stairs !!  -.......... well,  the ladder anyway !

Once upstairs, I bumped into a very "level headed" Max !...

Looks like another window will be going in soon,  .....  I walked around the upstairs on the wooden planks and the views of the Silk Mill from this level were a treat....

... I wonder if Tom's looking for the nails !

it was at this time that Max grabbed the camera, and took a photo looking down at me from the scaffold, - this photo didn't pass the blog test as it showed 'my roots' !  so i'll save that treat for a later date :-)

After managing to get back down the ladder alive, - it was a good chance to take another look at the lounge, - the fireplace is looking really good, - can't wait to see the logburner & the christmas decs !

Will keep you updated,

...... in the meantime a
to Ian and Judi :-) 
I dedicate this particular blog to you
and thank you for reading it so regularly!
... see you soon x

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