Friday, 24 May 2013

Sure is some fancy dresser ...!

Rob, my lovely shabby sheek man came round today to tackle the oak dresser which I recently acquired "Flog it" style!  ...  for weeks it has been gathering dust in the garage, - and each time I have passed it en route to the chest freezer,  I have grown to love it more and more !!

I just had to take BEFORE and AFTER photos :


Rob, - you are so clever ... it's lovely!

I know exactly where it will be placed in Crafty Cottage, - and can't wait to decorate it with lovely china !!

- ... meanwhile at Crafty Cottage..... -

The River Bank rebuild is coming along nicely,  - ... looking good guys!

Although, according to Paul the stonework is a lot higher than this now, - this photo was taken yesterday!

Today's blog is dedicated to
Nancy & Jane!
it was lovely to meet you both
thank you for your interest in the cottage

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