Friday, 10 May 2013

Apples & Pears now in plaice !

Paul and I managed to grab 10 minutes to zap down to the cottage - for me it was the first time i'd seen the staircase in situ, - very pleased it looks great!

It also gave us the opportunity to start planning electrics, - where to put what, and how etc....

Decisions made :  where TV going downstairs & upstairs ! (always a priority for Paul :-)
where to put the washing machine and dishwasher (sadly, always a priority for me :-(

Outside it's all dug up again, - with the gas being sorted out at the weekend.   - nothing much to report so just leaving you with some photos of the progress.

The perfect ceiling for a chandelier :-)

Landing window

Discussing where to put the bed !

Paul planning on spending some time at the cottage over the weekend hopefully, and fingers crossed Trude can visit on Monday to measure, - we may even have to discuss curtains over another pub lunch :-)

Will keep you posted !


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