Thursday, 18 July 2013

The ten minute tourist!.

Quick update, ,... last week ended with the all important boiler having been installed by Tom the friendly neighbourhood plumber! and despite his attempts to hide from my camera I managed to snap an action shot of him busy at work...

Tuesday, and baking hot today ... not complaining of course and made my way down to the cottage again where it's all happening these days!  I thought Dean might appreciate a nice cold lolly on a day like today and I just wanted to see if I needed to get anything, or do anything that might be helpful towards the progress...

 The kitchen is starting to take shape and I just can't wait until I can empty my "cottage cupboard" at home and transport everything to fill up the drawers and cabinets down at Sheep Street.

My "cottage cupboard" !

In the meantime,  I am proud to announce the arrival of our first toilet ! .... and  I think this is likely to be the first room in the cottage to be completed.   I am already nursing an Aloe Vera plant at home, for the window sill :-)

Today, ....  Thursday -another glorious day weather wise - I had promised myself a nice walk around town to take some "blog" photos in the sunshine! there is so much going on inside the cottage at the moment, - I decided to concentrate on the town instead :-)

I popped into Crafty Cottage to see how things were going, - all sorts of things going on so I thought it was best to leave the experts to get on with it ! ... I wandered down sheep street and captured a few typical scenes ....

Pike Cottage, - 5 minutes walk from Crafty Cottage

The area of Westington, - once a separate hamlet on the outskirts of Chipping Campden, - but now very much a part of town.  In my opinion perhaps the most beautiful part with it's wonderful thatched cottages and trimmed gardens - the main route into Chipping Campden from the London direction off the A44, Westington leads into Sheep Street where you'll find Crafty Cottage!


Walking back towards town, - and back down Sheep Street, I had every intention of counting my footsteps from Simons Chip Shop to the Cottage door, - but alas forgot, - maybe next time!

To give you a rough idea it takes less than 5 minutes between Crafty Cottage and the local "Chippy" - which guests at the cottage will be encouraged to do on a regular basis as it saves me from having to clean the oven :-) !

In the style of Blue Peter,   Here's one we ate earlier ...!

Fish & Chips, Simons Style

Wow what a hot day!  walking back down towards the cottage, couldn't help but stop & take photos of the new green windows....
I love this colour on the woodwork, - same as at home ....  and the Cotswold Stone was somehow "glowing" in the sunshine.

As I was happily clicking away, my B&B guests spotted me on their saunter down Sheep Street, - Hi Susan and Ed !  I had been chatting to them this morning about the cottage, and it was a good opportunity to show them where and what it was all about :-) 

We wandered through the Old Silk Mill, and I left them on their way up to Harts Silversmiths on the top floor, - so looking forward to seeing them at home later to hear about their day....

Wandering back through town,  stopped off at Drinkwaters on the High Street to pick up some local strawberries for breakfast tomorrow ...
Yummy, - great place to get fresh local produce & tasty jams....

The town was buzzing, people coming and going ....
our precious post office !
The new "Willows" restaurant - nice place for lunch :-)

Very British, -very twee,  .... infact it was beginning to feel like I was in an episode of Midsummer Murders !! (without the victim hopefully).

"Frankie Doodle"  - a great place on the High Street to treat yourself !

The Lygon Arms,
great food, - and lovely hanging baskets :-) !

So, ..... to summarize,  things are happening down at Crafty Cottage,  - each time I call in, the place looks more and more like a real house which is SO rewarding !  ...  can't wait to get it rented out .......

Will, of course be keeping you posted !

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