Thursday, 1 August 2013

Interiors 'R' Us !

...  back refreshed from the weekend in Barcelona with a friend - I couldn't wait to get down to Crafty Cottage to see what's been going on.  - things are starting to move at a much quicker pace now and photos below were taken on Monday, - so there may be another update later on today - same Bat Channel - as Tom the trusty plumber, - and Rob (aka shabby sheek man!) have both been working hard over the past couple of days.


Best news of the day, - we now have an all important door to the loo !    
.... the cubbyhole will also be a handy space for storage.


The kitchen is really starting to take shape,  and word on the street since the photos were taken is 
we now (or very shortly!) will have running water from the tap !

....  going down later on this morning to take the light fittings for the lounge, loo & ensuite as Paul the electrician is at the Cottage today - will update later hopefully .....
(update * walls & ceiling being painted, - so electrician delayed things until next week - 
(although personally - I think he just wanted to sit in the garden at home on such a lovely day :-)

- in the meantime had a quick look at the Stats for my blog,  which has now reached 2,062 today !
Thank you everyone from around the world who have taken a peek ..


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