Thursday, 14 February 2013

Onwards and Upwards ......

Thankfully today things started happening again ! ....   the cottage is quickly starting to take shape and it's looking good :-)

Work has been limited over the past week or so mainly due to the weather - a second helping of snow,   ....  and then even more snow meant we were forced to stop yet again for a while.  The scaffolding went up last week which means things can now really get going ....

The kitchen window !

I visited the site today around noon,  spent some time in the lounge ...

and talked to Max who was in the ensuite ...... !

This was the first time I had been inside the cottage for a while, ... it was great to see how quickly things were now moving - with the downstairs really beginning to take shape.  The fireplace and windows in the lounge really make it quite easy to imagine what the character of the room will be...

fireplace & feature window

It's valentines day today, - and I love this little place !!  it was so nice and sunny around lunchtime, and fingers crossed the forecast is good as it goes into the weekend.  The Arts and Crafts name "Crafty Cottage" is now firmly fixed into the walls, and we are pleased with the decision to have swapped these carvings over.

We now have a facebook page too !
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