Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Moving on with things at last ........

Yippee, the snow's gone and work can start back on site....  yesterday afternoon things began to happen again down Sheep Street with a full day planned today - although lying in bed last night listening to the torrential rain and gales - it did make me wonder if the good old British weather was going to be against us again ?

.... just got back from visiting the site myself, - around noon  and the sun was shining and things were happening!  Paul had rang me as since having Ian the stonecarver make the name plate for Crafty Cottage (as per earlier blog photos)- we decided to get him to create an "Arts and Crafts" version which arrived on site today and as I speak, is being laid into the walls .....

The name plate made originally will be put into the garden wall of the cottage eventually.

Very muddy down there, - but this isn't stopping the guys from getting on with things, - looks like Paul was right when he used to say "as soon as we're out of the ground, the walls will shoot up!"

Kerb appeal ?

Our First Window!
(windows made by local joiner Steve Warren - Willersey)
Re-claimed Cotswold Stone sills 

Great to have an "action shot"
(they're usually having a tea break when I go to site!)

Keen to get home and update the blog, - the postman had been and a letter was waiting for me from TV Licensing, - addressed to Crafty Cottage, - ...... I think they're being slightly optimistic! :-) will have to send them a link to the blog!

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