Friday, 11 October 2013

Not exactly twiddling my thumbs .....

I suppose things have never been so quiet on my blog !!  -  for over a week now we have had our first guests staying in the cottage and alongside that being wonderful of course - it's weird as both Paul and I miss spending most evenings with either a screwdriver or a broom in our hands!

However,  we're not exactly twiddling our thumbs and a few days ago I was able to take the very first picture of Crafty Cottage from across the road - the finished thing - without a car or a van on the drive - as things were so busy there right up to the last minute it had been an impossible thing to do !

Despite the weather forecast, - the past couple of days have been quite sunny and I took advantage of this to get as many outside photos as possible, - particularly for the website etc...


We're now registered on TripAdvisor and looking at the Blog stats this morning only need another 9 viewings of the blog to reach 3,000 since it all began :-)

With it being October now and things starting to quieten down at home, the B&B is just ticking over nicely - at last i'm able to sit down and get on with all the 'admin' stuff for the cottage.  Finally i've started on the Guest Information Folder - which will probably be ready just as our first guests are about to leave !!!  .....  we have caught up with them a couple of times and feedback is good, - they are enjoying their stay and have already booked to return next year !!!

It may not be quite as often as in the past,  but will be keeping you posted!
(3,000 viewings of blog now passed!)


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