Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Daisy's chairs ....

The last few days spent at Crafty Cottage pre-guests I was confidently hammering tacks into fabric, foam and chair seat panels thinking, - is there anything I can't do :-)..!

....It didn't take me very long to realize I am absolutely rubbish at upholstery !  Our 4 beautiful oak dining chairs for the cottage, which were inherited earlier this year from Paul's lovely mum, deserved much better than my feeble attempt, and last week I plucked up the courage to visit Robin to show him what I had tried to do! (thought he might like a laugh !!)  - I passed over some Strawberry Thief for him to do a proper job !

and "Hey Presto ...."

Yesterday afternoon I got the call I was waiting for, and hot footed it over to Blackminster Business Park this morning, to collect the finished item.

We will be taking them over to the cottage later, - (weather permitting as it's pouring with rain at the moment) and looking forward to getting my kitchen chairs back which have been on holiday at Crafty Cottage for the past 3 weeks as a temporary measure!

Absolutely thrilled with the chairs,  - we had them stripped, sealed, and now the seats finish them off to what are perfect additions to Crafty Cottage.

I'm sure Daisy would have loved them

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