Sunday, 1 September 2013

More photos to flaunt !

A busy week again,  - lots going on, and lots planned to happen next week too ....  We now have a deadline with our very first guests arriving September 28th :-)  ..... "don't panic Mr Mainwaring!!"

The week started with Nick working on a lovely new front door to replace the old, tatty temporary door which had been splattered with plaster & bashed about in the build  ....

.. and assisted by the lovely "Maisie"  

We now have the look we were after !

Crafty Cottage front door !

In search of the perfect knocker !
Chipping Campden holds host to quite a variety......
we took a tour of the High Street to sample the options




In the end,  we decided on keeping things simple!

Not too decorative, but serves the purpose !

Crafty Cottage knocker !

The garden and off road parking area have now been separated by a wooden frame, with an archway which will hopefully in time become alive with flowers and decorate the "garden gate" accordingly.
Paul worked hard all over the bank holiday weekend, and his work paid off as it looks great :-)

Work is starting on Monday morning prompt, the trusty skip will disappear early, and work to lower the kerb & create the parking area will commence.
... photos to follow in time I am sure ..

We both spent most of the bank holiday down at the cottage,  - Paul doing all the ground works & fence building, - with me assisting whenever possible by handing him the spirit level at crucial moments!  - We must have looked a bit like Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee to the many tourists and passers by who stopped to see what all the fuss was about :-)

The weather over the weekend was once again lovely and sunny, -  which also proved to us what a "little sun trap" the Crafty Cottage garden will be !

We both felt totally "knackered" by the time Monday evening arrived so the only sensible thing to do after tidying up at the Cottage, was to head off towards the Lygon Arms on the High Street for 


a smoked fish platter, and cottage pie & chips !

Yummmmy :-)

One of the best things for me this week, has been our lovely light going up !

I have been so looking forward to seeing it hanging between the beams upstairs, - and am completely "chuffed to bits" with the end result :-)

We are still storing things at home, but have every intention of moving furniture into the cottage as soon as possible.  -  With a few items still on my wish list,  - I visited a couple of local antique barns & warehouses this week with my tape measure, and returned with Paul (the one on the left!) to pick up a few items!!  

Stratford Antique & Interiors

We will be keeping you posted of course !


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