Monday, 16 September 2013

A quick update to be updated !

... a manic weekend, lots happening and busy busy busy .....  luckily the weather was good enough to get the garden sorted - thanks to Max on Saturday - (photos to follow)

The Oak floor has been fitted to the bedroom, (bed being delivered on Wednesday!) and work is going well in the ensuite - continued tonight - and continuing tomorrow! (shower going in)

I havent had the opportunity to take many photos due to builders vans being parked on the drive - .... not being particularly photogenic!  and inside it's much the same, - we have moved furniture in now and it's looking great, but there are still bins and dust sheets etc... spread about -so am planning a mass tidy up over the next few days hopefully and will keep this blog post updated.

In the meantime,  as I left the cottage tonight - I was able to get a shot of the doorway - with more to come soon ............ promise :-)

at a later date ..
....  and as promised i'm updating the update,  it's now Thursday evening,  the bed was safely delivered yesterday (with no gas or air!) and I have left Paul tonight continuing with the ensuite - which is looking great.  -  infact the more we do to the place, - I feel like moving in myself :-) !

I called in on my lovely friend Trude today, - who is so so talented with a cotton and thread,  and she handed me over the curtains and blinds she has created from the William Morris Strawberry Thief fabric.  I think Paul was just as enthusiastic as I was, and in a matter of minutes the small window in the lounge was suitably attired !

The lounge area is really starting to come together, - quite comfy and cosy!

Steph and I visited Barn Antiques at Quinton yesterday :
Actually we were looking for a coffee table, and bedside cabinets.
...... and came home with a log basket and pine shelf !

And Finally, - before I rest my weary head tonight to dream about curtains and tie backs, - a special "Hello" to Paul and Tracey who we saw at the beginning of the week, - it was lovely to see you both again and thank you for all the positive comments about the cottage.

will be keeping you posted !

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