Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Bacon Butties, Castles & Fish & Chips!

In the mood to Blog again! and  share the products of my new camera ... and gloat :-)

The day started by my friend Denise joining me, we had been invited to visit Sudeley Castle and on the way to Winchcombe took the opportunity to call off for a quick coffee and bacon butty at Hayles Fruit Farm .   Just a quick visit but worth it as we discovered the farm shop with loads of jams, chutney, Cotswold meringues and of course apple juice! ..... no doubt in my mind we'll be back :-) !

Sudeley Castle had beckoned, and what a wonderful place!  less than half an hour's drive away and so picturesque and scenic.

The weather wasn't too bad,  - a few spits of rain, then lovely sunshine!  - Thank goodness Denise had her emergency sunglasses with her :-)
 we both thought one of the most amazing things of the morning was to see so many signatures, - Elizabeth I, Henry VII, Henry VIII, Florence Nightingale!


We had spent a refined morning at Sudeley,-  almost like Downton Abbey sisters !  and it was now time to hot foot it to the nearest pub in Winchcombe which just happened to be the White Hart / Wine & Sausage where we had the most delicious fish & chips!  .....  can life really get any better than this ? 
mobile photo - a bit fuzzy!

... and finally!
following a mooch around one of the little shops in Winchcombe
I couldn't resist the William Morris Strawberry Thief trinket box
to add to the cottage!

such a fab day!

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